Mahesh Babu -Namratha - Return Their Raithu Bandhu Cheques-Telangana Government is assisting the farmers with the investment incentive of 8000 Rupees per acre per annum. The amount is given as 4000 Per Crop Season. The government has kept no riders for this scheme and every farmer from small to landlords will be assisted.

Similarly, Superstar Mahesh Babu and his wife, Namratha were also given the Cheques of Raithu Bandhu Scheme. Mahesh Babu has 39.2 Guntas (40 Guntas = 1 Acre) and Namratha has 1.2 Acres of land in Nagaram, Maheshwaram Mandal.

The amount towards the land is given by the local Agricultural Officer to Namratha. But the couple refused to accept the assistance from the government and returned the Cheques. They asked the government to help the needy with this amount.