Big Names Entering MAA Elections

Mahesh-Babu-Coming-for-Voting-@MAA-ElectionsThere is no need to even tell that MAA Elections in the Telugu Film Industry are going to turn spicier when senior actor Naresh has decided to contest for the Presidential post while the opposition is headed by none other than the present President Shivaji Raja supported by actor Srikanth and others.

Here, the twist comes in the form of Jeevitha Rajasekhar coming into the election scenario to contest for the general secretary post from Naresh’s side. She filed her nomination along with Naresh and Naresh’s panel along with Rajasekhar headed to meet Mahesh Babu seeking his support. Naresh shared a couple of pictures on Twitter when he and his panel met the superstar. If we go by Naresh’s words, Mahesh Babu has promised that he would be coming for voting, this time.

That means big names are going to influence the voting style in the current elections to be held on 10th March. In the coming days, we are going to witness a lot of drama and mudslinging between the two contesting groups. Let’s wait and see if Mahesh and other star heroes cast their votes on 10th March.

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