Mahesh Babu's Anti Fans Making Mountain out of a MolehillThe fan wars are quite common within the film industries. They wait for an opportunity and show it as a big deal like this one. Mahesh Babu haters found this video clip from the airport where a fan was asking him for an autograph and Mahesh simply walked away denying to give any.

They are disgusting the Sarileru Neekevvaru actor for ignoring the fan. How difficult is it to just give an autograph for an actor and why is that attitude for him is what the trolls are quoting for the video. Mahesh was with his family as he walked through the airport. He was holding Sitara’s hand as Namrata and Gautam went forward and out of rush he just ignored the fan and had to leave.

That shouldn’t be a big deal to point but the anti-fans are making a mountain out of a mole well his followers are defending him. These fights are common anyway. On the work front, Mahesh Babu is gearing up for the big Sankranthi fight with Sarileru Neekevvaru with a lot of hype building around the film day by day.