Sizzling beauty Anushka Shetty is planning to say good bye to the industry as her age is around 30 years. It is known that this age is the upper cut off for the marriage of girls. Even though Anushka is a big star in the present Tollywood film industry, she looks like a cute bride for the eyes of her parents.

Anushka too is making her plans to enter a new phase of her life. She may end up her first innings with the most anticipated heavy budgeted flick “Bahubali”. Apart from this, Anushka signed on the dotted lines of “Rani Rudrama Devi”. There is a buzz in the media that Prince Mahesh Babu is going to act in a vital role in this flick.

If this news is true, then we can see Anushka romancing 2 six feet six pack stars Mahesh and Prabhas. In Tollywood film industry, the persons who really match the standard of Anushka physically are Mahesh and Prabhas. She might have selected these 2 to make herself be the most memorable person to the Tollywood audience in her last days of film career. Anushka is trying to make a mark in audience just like Madhuri Dixit in Bollywood.