Every star worth his salt wants to be the number 1 in the industry and how does a star become a number one by having uniform acceptability among all the areas in the state. Chiranjeevi, the last numero uno star from Telugu cinema was an acceptable figure across the areas of the state and various cross sections in each area. Unfortunately after his departure none have been able to replicate such universal acceptability.

We have actors like Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu, who are very strong in the A centers of the state, especially Nizam but they are comparatively weaker in the Rayalaseema area (Ceded). Similarly we have Jr NTR and Ram Charan who are strong in Ceded territory but weaker in the Nizam area. Among the four though, Pawan Kalyan and Ram Charan are closer to uniformity thanks majorly due to the great fan base built by Chiranjeevi in all areas. So when these guys get the right movie they put up the best numbers even in their comparatively weaker area. The same unfortunately can’t be said about Mahesh Babu and Jr NTR and it can be seen with the collections of their biggest hits respectively. Dookudu despite being a blockbuster failed to go past Simha in Ceded where as it was next only to Magadheera in Nizam at that point of time. Similarly Baadshah starring Jr NTR entered the top 3 effortlessly in Ceded but failed to do so in Nizam.

The actors themselves seem to understand this as well and that can be known with the way they planned their forthcoming films. Both are planning to attract their weaker area by setting up their film in those regions or using the slang of those regions. Mahesh Babu as we all know by now will be seen playing an Ananthapur Cop with Rayalaseema slang as well. Similarly we have come to know that Jr NTR too would be using Telangana slang in his upcoming film Joru once again after Baadshah. Will this movie work, only time will tell but to be the number one they certainly do need to get a major push up in these weaker areas. How many of agree that this move will work for them or you feel that making good movies is enough to get that penetration and all this slangs and set up’s need not necessary mean a readymade audience for them in those regions?

– Saumya Chowdary