Admiration and favouritism sometimes leads the celebrities in troubles. Anything seems to be good only if it is in limits. Seems Pawan Kalyan’s mania is making his fans to forget discretion and extreme favouritism is nothing but a kind of fanatism. A case was filed on Pawan Kalyan on Wednesday because pictures of currency notes with Pawan Kalyan’s images replacing Mahatma Gandhi are making rounds on internet since a couple of days.

This is a case of utter disrespect for the uncrowned Father of Our Nation. Some over enthusiastic fan of Pawan Kalyan might have done this and his die-hard fans unaware of the grave consequences of the act are sharing the picture of the currency notes with Pawan Kalyan. Admiring cine celebrities is one thing but disrespecting the Nation’s most revered personality to shower admiration on their celebrity is uncalled for. Some even see this as a prank played by his opponents to end Pawan in legal trouble.