Maharshi Video Adds to the Pain Along with Audio for Mahesh Babu FansAs announced earlier, the makers of Maharshi’ have released the video promo of the third song ‘Everest Anchuna’. Going by the title, you must have understood that not only the audio delivered by Devi Sri Prasad but also the video had been very disappointing. Looks like, the social media users are literally gorging on the way the song’s video has come out.

One thing common in all the posts shared by trolls is about DSP. It’s like it’s time for Devi Sri Prasad to take a break for some time. Though the lyrics say, ‘Everest Anchuna’ (on the top of the Everest), the song’s audio and video are nowhere there. It’s like pushing down the Everest instead of feeling to be on the top. The song is really dull and the video is quite poor. What styling! Mahesh Babu must definitely change his stylist who had designed similar clothes for Mahesh and Pooja Hegde. Not at all pleasing to the eye.

Maharshi video promo of ‘Everest Anchuna’ is out after back-to-back dull audio singles from ‘Maharshi’. This video has added to the pain of the fans who were expecting a respite from the disappointment created by the two singles. So far, the audio is going in the wrong direction. Will the rest of the album make any difference when three songs of the album have turned out to be big disappointments?