maharshi-us-collection-overseas-no-more-mahesh-babu-home-turfSuperstar Mahesh Babu’s prestigious 25th film Maharshi has taken it a dull start at the US box office the movie has collected a paltry $500K from its Wednesday premieres. This is less than what Mahesh Babu Aagadu has connected 5 years ago from premieres. This gives rise to the doubts if Mahesh Babu is losing his grip over the overseas market.

Mahesh Babu is the indisputable King of Overseas for several years. USA Collections used to be the major contributor in his film’s Total Collections. There used to be a special interest in the Overseas Audience about his films but it looks like it is not the case any longer. The audience there seems to have let go of their loyalty and are taking it depending on the content of the films.

This is evident from the fact that Ram Charan who is deemed to be very weak in Overseas is currently holding the non-Baahubali record for highest collected Telugu movie at the USA Box Office. Sadly but truly, Mahesh Babu is doing very less to win their support. A couple of lackluster films will deplete his market further.