Maharshi,-Mahesh-Babu's-Fans-Should-Come-out-of-Defense-ModeMaharshi‘ is coming as a Summer treat for not only fans but also neutral audiences who were literally waiting for a big treat on the big screen as it has been a while since a big star’s movie came to the theatres. But Mahesh Babu’s fans seem to be playing defense instead of promoting the movie in an aggressive manner going by the social media.

It is because of the poor audio delivered by Devi Sri Prasad, so far. There is trolling happening on the social media and fans are trying to play defense. If we closely analyze the movie, we can clearly understand that Mahesh Babu has chosen a safe bet and isn’t trying anything experimental with ‘Maharshi’.

Being a star, he has to keep all the box-office prospects in the mind and hence, has to keep in mind that he has to improve his box-office stamina with every film and can’t just try experiments.

Unless there is an irrevocable fault in the script by Vamshi Paidipally, the movie would be a sure shot success this Summer due to lack of big star films in recent times. Hope, Mahesh Babu’s fans take note of this and stop playing unnecessary defense.