Maharshi Mahesh BabuMahesh Babu and team are having their fingers crossed and confident at the same time for the release of Maharshi on May 9th. After watching the trailer and the promotional materials, it got into the minds of people if it is any different from his last couple of films where he is seen playing a similar powerful rich man.

It might seem same but Maharshi is totally different from Srimanthudu and BAN according to Mahesh who rather calls it a semi-biopic.

With a strong and powerful message and not missing the commercial elements of the film, Vamsi narrated the film in a beautiful way as Mahesh says in the interview to show the success journey of Rishi where the entire audience would relate to.

Maharshi carries the theme of emotional success versus material success as Mahesh Babu explains. Well, apart from the films, the actor has ventured into production and hints on much more works of talent to come under their production. Well, let’s see if Maharshi’s theme works in the audience.