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Mahanubhavudu Team Super Confident Than Biggies

Mahanubhavudu Team Super Confident Than Biggies Mahesh Babu Spyder Jr NTR Jai Lava KusaLooking at the promotions and the statements that we get to hear regarding the respective movies of the upcoming Dussera season, one gets a feeling that Mahavanubhavudu team are more confident than the other two big films, Jai Lava Kusa and Spyder.

Right from the first teaser trailer, there is an air of positivity and confidence attached to the team of Mahanubhavudu. It seems to germinate from the trust on the product. Another thing with Mahanubhavudu is that they don’t need to worry about records at all and only concentrate on making the audience aware of the movie.

Because there is no issue of records, there is no problem with theaters. In all areas, Mahanubhavudu distribution has locked theaters for the film in advance despite two big movies. They seem to be well aware that the audience would prefer a breather from two heavy duty biggies and if they manage to entertain they will be a winner in the end. Director Maruthi has disappointed in his last outing, let’s see if he can make amends and give Sharwanand his career’s biggest hit.


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