Mahanati Weakening Before LandmarksThe epic biopic Mahanati which has been running sensationally so far has shown the first early signs of weakness. The film has for the first time registered a significant drop after a solid run of nearly two weeks.

Mahanati is going great in the A centres and main B centres. In these places, the movie has so far done very well with a remarkable trend. It was in the early morning shows of the fourteenth day; there was a noticeable drop.

In the US too, as sensational as the movie is, it was expected to do even better, given the critical appreciation and general reaction. It is still running with good numbers and will have another bountiful weekend, but 3 Million looks highly impossible based on the current trend. Let us see if it can manage to usurp the predictions.

The film has crossed 30 Cr worldwide till now and is looking to add few more crores. So, as one can make out, a 40 Cr worldwide figure too might be a difficult task unless Mahanati shows impeccable sustenance in the coming days.