Mahanati Racing Towards The First LandmarkRiding on a wave of excellent word of mouth Mahanati is racing towards the Million in the US. With a little over 930K in its tally already, Mahanati only needs 70K to cross the mark.

Mahanati had a mid-week release with Tuesday premieres. It is therefore among those few films which have made the most of the extended long weekend. By the end of the weekend, the expectation is that Mahanati would race past 1.5 Million.

In the Telugu states, the biopic of Savitri is gaining strength with each passing day. The real push is, however, expected to come on the weekend. If the second tier centres too come on board, the numbers could see a significant spike.

Latest update: Mahanati just touched the one million mark, the latest gross collection $1,000,308.