Madras High Court - VijayMadras High Court has fined the Tamil star Vijay one lakh. It is for a petition filed by the star to exempt him from paying the entry tax for his foreign imported Rolls Royce car. The star fans are crying foul with the decision and cite past examples in defence of Vijay.

Getting further into details, Tamil star Vijay has bought Rolls Royce way back in 2012. He has paid the import tax back then itself to get the vehicle from England. What he has appealed against is the exception of exorbitant ‘Entry Tax’ now.

The Madras High Court has come down heavily on Vijay in their verdict. They criticised the star (and stars in general) who go around as real-life heroes by playing life saviours on screen. However, it is only those who pay the taxes who are ‘heroes’ reprimanded the HC. It has fined Vijay 1 lakh and asked to donate the same to TN CM Covid19 Relief Fund.

The fans have come in support of Vijay and cite that it is not common to ask for an entry tax exception. It has happened several times in the past. Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar too, was given an exception, they (fans) state.

Many also feel that it could be revenge politics from the newly formed government in Tamil Nadu. Remember, Vijay is the only star so far who hasn’t donated to TN CM Covid19 Relief Fund. It must be noted that Vijay had donated generously when the previous government was in charge during the first wave in 2020.