Back Bench Student

Madhura Sreedhar, telugu film director has a new film on its way called the Backbench Student which features Piaa Bajpai and Archana Kavi as the leading ladies. It is known that the film is done with its shooting and is getting ready to be released in February.

However, Madhua Sreedhar was completely surprised when Indian columnist and speaker writer Chetan Bhagat’s post on Twitter did a mention of Madhura Sreedhar’s forthcoming film Backbench Student. The tweet read as “Film poster of upcoming Telugu film “Backbench Student,” by Madhura Sreedhar. Hmm, which book is the hero reading? “Apparently, in a poster of the movie, the hero, Mahat Raghavendra, is seen holding the book ‘What Young India Wants’, which was written by Chetan Bhagat.