Madhavi Latha Dares Laksmi Manchu?It has been a while that Madhavi Latha is speaking on the casting couch in Telugu cinema and the injustice that the Telugu actresses are facing in receiving the offers. Meanwhile, she came across Manchu Lakshmi and she counter questioned what the actress plus producer said about Telugu actresses.

Interacting with her audience on a live chat on social media, Madhavi Latha asked Manchu Lakshmi if she thinks that Telugu girls are not given much value in the industry, why hadn’t she happen to give a chance to a Telugu girl under her production.

Referring Lakshmi as “Akka”, Madhavi Latha alleged, if Lakshmi says that there is no value for Telugu women here, no one can elucidate that. It seemed like Madhavi dared Lakshmi to prove she concerns for Telugu girls by giving a chance under her production. Don’t you think? Let us see if Manchu Lakshmi cares to take the dare.