Maddy aka Madhavan hiding from media and public appearances, recently showed up at a public awards event with a mad look surprised his fans. Apparently this multi-lingual hero can not shave his face and trim his long hair un till his current film completes it’s shoot. He is quiet embarrassed to present himself in such fashion events which he usually acts as a host, does not even stay back to speak to media or to chat with his fans. In the past three months he was seen only at two places, once in Dubai and other time in Chennai event but he tried his best maintain a low profile.

Maddy has worked on this new look for his up-coming Tamil film in the direction of Sudha Kongara, who worked with Mani Ratnam as an associate director for a long time. Madhavan plays the role of a retired boxer in the movie and the new looks are integral part of this role. It is heard that Maddy is maintaining the life of teetotaler to keep his fit and trim looks for the movie. Let’s see if the movie gets Telugu release and we will get to see Maddy’s mad looks.