Madam Dhigindhi: Mega Fans Lose ControlThe other day, Pawan Kalyan had mentioned Jalsa in his speech at Mangalagiri. He gave a speech and made a hand movement and supporters followed it with a cheer.

Mahesh Babu fans have alleged that Pawan Kalyan is indirectly trying to propel the hype around Jalsa so that it can help create euphoria to beat the Pokiri Special Shows record.

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The allegation sounds not believable because Pawan Kalyan is not known for such things and using a political stage for something so trivial is doubtable.

Mega fans then unleashed something very degrading.

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They started trending the hashtag #MadamDhigindhi implying that Namrata is behind the success of Pokiri Special Shows and everything about Pawan Kalyan.

The hashtag trending in India on Independence Day even has some vulgar allegations and morphed pictures. Something that definitely Pawan Kalyan would not be proud of.

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Fan wars are usually devoid of logic and that is something everyone accepted and moved on.

But dragging family members especially ladies does not augur well for society and also, for Pawan Kalyan’s political career in this issue.

Namratha compliments the efforts of the Superstar and his fans. It is always an open secret and Mahesh himself acknowledges that. Such support is needed for every star and there is nothing wrong with it. After all, we do support our families as well.