Madhavan - MaaraMaara‘, the remake of Malayalam movie ‘Charlie’ is out on prime with mixed reviews coming from all over. R Madhavan and Shraddha Srinath of ‘Jersey’ fame are the lead actors in the Tamil remake. To be accurate, Madhavan’s role in the movie is limited.

Madhavan’s humility and down to the earth nature was quite evident many times. Once again, he showed how humble and positive-minded was he. When a Twitterati said that he was disappointed with Madhavan’s performance and Maddy was indeed the show spoiler in the movie, Madhavan’s response would definitely leave you in surprise.

He wrote, “Sorry to disappoint you, bro. Will try and do better the next time.” This apology is mostly unthinkable from actors who don’t accept such type of criticism. Coming to the film, the film didn’t get trashed but not appreciated either.

It’s a remake and it’s nowhere to be seen in terms of the buzz. Most of the times, the flavour of the original is lost in a remake and maybe, the makers didn’t get the right pulse to get the consistency regarding ‘Maara’ narrative.