Telugu-Warriors-Vs-Karnataka-buldozersOnly during the last biennial elections did the common people come to know about the internal politics of Movie Artist’s Association of Telugu Film Industry. But it was from much earlier period there had been differences and internal politics in the association which had been detrimental to the development of the association.

Coming to loss of Rs.6 crores issue, seven years ago MAA was offered one crore rupees per year if it sends 11 players from TFI to Celebrity Cricket League (CCL). Failing which the offer went to KFAA (Karnataka Film Artist’s Association) which made agreement of Rs.50 lakhs per year amounting to 3.5 lakhs.

KFAA now has a building of its own with the money made by the agreement with CCL while MAA missed out on Rs.6 crores failing to send even 11 players to CCL. Is it internal politics or unwise leadership which missed on the golden oppurtunity to get the amount without any investment?