Reported recently is the fact the south stars are toeing the lines of their respective film industries, moving beyond their own realms to test the foreign waters. Kollywood star Karthi’s next big outing which is all set to be released in M-Town in its dubbed version, is closely followed by the latest flick of Tollywood star Vishnu Manchu’s called, ‘Dhenikaina Ready’, which will be released in its Malayalam dubbed version concurrently with its Telugu release.

On the topic of the big budget Kollywood and Tollywood flicks migrating to the Malayam screen, Vishnu states that “It’s high time for filmmakers to start making movies for a larger audience, especially with the huge amount of money evolved in the making of films. It will considerably cut down the risk of loss. As artistes, even we actors should not be restrained by the language barrier. I’m as excited as a debutant, now that my film is going to hit the Malayalam screen for the first time in a dubbed version!”