JR-NTR-Ram-CharanThe Telugu film industry is going through a phase of lull without any notable releases. Probably that is taking a toll on the youngsters on social media too as they are resorting to useless fights.

It was predominantly between NTR and Ram Charan fans about the credit of RRR’s success.

Ram Charan was in the United States along with Rajamouli at the Hollywood Critics Association (HCA) awards.

RRR won a number of awards but Ram Charan fans are having a field day saying that only their hero won while NTR did not get anything. They are trying their best to demean NTR and belittle his work in RRR.

We can see the hashtag #GlobalStarRamCharan trending on social media.

NTR fans are retaliating that the award has been given to each and every member of the cast and crew of the film.

Ram Charan released his own personalized award as he was present at the event in person. NTR will get his award too very soon.

On the other side, Pawan Kalyan released a congratulatory message wishing Ram Charan on this occasion.

The Pressnote did not mention NTR while the RRR team is congratulated. The Pressnote further strengthened the impression that Ram Charan alone won the award.

NTR fans are hurling the choicest abuses on Pawan Kalyan for missing NTR. They are going even to the extent of questioning Janasena’s inclusive policy while they can not get a simple Pressnote right.

But then, these fan fights surrounding NTR and Ram Charan are getting repetitive and ridiculous over time. It’s been over a year and the fans are still fighting.

Hollywood Critics Association (HCA) awards are not Oscars or Goldenglobes to indulge in so much discussion and at the same time, Pawan Kalyan congratulating NTR or not does testify anything about NTR’s capability.

Luckily, except for Naatu Naatu, every category is out of contention at the Oscars or this nonsense would have continued. Even for Naatu Naatu, fans will come up with something fan fights worthy but that can not be this worse, we believe and hope.