Lowest-Target-For-Ravi-Teja's-Nela-TicketA new film of Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is arriving tomorrow and very much like the last outing; it has a low buzz. The advance bookings reflect that precisely. It is way below par for the combination.

The bookings are weak, and they are the same across the board. The competition here seems to be to get over Touch Chesi Choodu which is his lowest in recent times. The release is decent, but the occupancy is far from desired levels.

As usual, there is always a chance of pickup with good talk. The onus is truly on the director Kalyan Krishna to deliver. As previously mentioned, success will surely elevate his position, but the weak advances should indicate the lack of impact he has had despite two successful films.

As far as Ravi Teja is concerned, the lack of success is hurting his market. It can be seen with the pre-release business that Mass Maharaja movies are getting. The star would surely like to get a significant success under his belt. Could Nela Ticket be that movie? Watch this space.