Love-Today-Telugu-Movie-TrailerYouthful love dramas make it to theaters every other weekend. So for a film of this genre to click, there should be something new and intriguing on the offer.

The trailer of Love Today, the Telugu dubbed version of a recent Tamil hit film implies that it ticks the right boxes.

The trailer shows that the film is based on a young couple. The catch here is that the girl’s father fixates a condition that his daughter and the boyfriend should exchange their phones for a day if he is to approve their relationship.

All hells breaks lose after the couple exchange their phones. They evidently have darker and deeper sides and once they get to know about each other’s true character, there is a big conflict.

This is an interesting and more importantly relatable point for the modern day youth where smartphones and social media apps can make or break relationships.

While the premise looks interesting, a lot will depend on the emotional connect. The youth should connect with the core plot and the narration. If they do, then there’s good scope here. The film is already a big hit in Tamil, so we should see how the Telugu audiences receive the film.

Love Today is up for release this November. The release date will be announced soon. The film is being released in Telugu by Dil Raju. Pradeep Ranganathan and Inaya play the lead roles.