Love Story Vs Tuck Jagadish: Loose Tongues Sidetrack Real Issue!Telangana film chamber of commerce has called for a Pressmeet on the OTT issue and this time, it is about Nani‘s Tuck Jagadish (On Amazon Prime) releasing on the same day as Naga Chaitanya‘s Lovestory. Several exhibitors from Nizam attended the Pressmeet opposing the move.

Chamber’s Secretary Suniel Narang has demanded the producers to have a clause of not releasing Direct-to-OTT films on festivals since it will impact the theatrical business. This looks like a fair demand but what followed later has completely dampened the spirit of their demand.

A couple of exhibitors who have attended the meeting have started blaming Nani. One person has said Nani is just a hero on screen and lacks the guts in real life. Another person went to an extent of saying that Nani’s emotional speech is only to extort extra money from Amazon…

Suniel Narang had to interfere and ‘cover’ saying that difference are quite common with different people attending and the chamber will not blame the heroes as the final decision in these matters rests with the producers. Nani or that for matter, any star will not be happy for OTT release.

A relatively new production house, Shine Screens has its own problems to take the decision. Blaming a hero will only dilute the real issue and sidetrack the entire topic.