Love Story Result Lucky Escape For Sekhar KammulaWith the end of the second weekend, the business of Love Story has almost come to a close. Looking at its performance one can’t help but say it is a lucky escape for Sekhar Kammula. 

The timing of Love Story couldn’t be any better. The audience was starved for a biggie and they got one in Love Story. The pairing of Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi and the blockbuster single ‘Saranga Dariya’ did the rest. 

The movie under-performed grossly when compared to major reviews (Not Mirchi9’s). There are a few people defending that Love Story would have got a better performance during normal times. The unusual times have given a biggie advantage to Love Story which will be negate the loss of revenues of Andhra Pradesh.

Moreover, the movie would have paled with many movies coming every week. The audience would have given a similar if not a worse verdict. It is why Love Story is a lucky escape. The under performance of the movie in US markets where there are no issues is an indication of the movie’s fate.

The major problem with Love Story is its content and Sekhar Kammula’s handling more than anything else. While the sensitive handling and message of Love Story are appreciated, there are a lot of issues with the screenplay and overall story itself. 

The first half of the film is passable. But then, the second half has been unanimously poor and abrupt climax is a further disappointment. If not for the sensitive subjects embedded into the story, audience would have been more open about their disappointment. The word of mouth did not match with the reviews and the poor BO performance is there to see.

Love Story is a bad follow up to Fidaa setting completely wrong expectations. That is also a factor for the movie failure. 

Love Story’s Box office performance even to this extent is a lucky escape for Sekhar Kammula. Not many times, audience would still watch half-baked films like this. He should consider himself lucky this time and work better next time. The good openings are an indication that people have interest on him and he should work hard to live up to the expectations.