Naga Chaitanya - Love Story - Vinayaka Chavithi ReleaseThe small filmmakers in Tollywood are in a rush all of sudden after the decent success of SR Kalyanamandapam. Paagal took the first step releasing on August 14th. For the 19th, we have Sunil’s Kanabadutaledhu and Sree Vishnu’s Raja Raja Chora.

For the last Friday of this month (August 27th), Sudheer Babu‘s Sreedevi Soda Center is arriving. So, the entire August is booked. We are only talking about the notable films here. We have many small films as well releasing. Meanwhile, there are reports that Naga Chaitanya’s Love Story will release on September 10th as Vinayaka Chaviti Special.

Love Story will be the first notable big film to release after the pandemic. If the movie becomes a hit, it will induce confidence in all biggies to release. We will also get to see how the audience react for the holidays. If there is no third wave as feared and speculated by many, we may see the industry flourishing very soon like how it was earlier.

In case, Love Story team decides to wait some more time, Gopichand’s Seetimaar will release on that day.