gopala-gopala-pawan-kalyan-venkateshLord Venkateswara is the second wealthiest God in the world. Devotees throng to Tirumala from all over the world to worship the Lord and bestow their offerings in the form of money, silver and gold. But the highlight of Tirumala Tirupati is, devotees offering hair by getting their heads tonsured. This same religious tradition might become a major road block for ‘Gopala Gopala’.

The reason behind is simple. Gopala Gopala is the remake of Hindi superhit film ‘Oh My God’ and in the original there were some satirical scenes on how the hair offered by devotees to Lord Balaji doesn’t actually go to the Lord but has become a big market for ‘Wigs’ business. A big market avenue for hair business.

Paresh Rawal in original asks how would one feel when he opens his office, only to find lots of hairs around and just imagine how annoying it would be. Since Venkatesh is reprising the role of Paresh Rawal in Gopala Gopala, if such scenes on the most popular deity aren’t dealt in a very sensitive and sensible manner, there is every chance controversies might brew up for the movie. Just few days to go to know how such issues are dealt by director Dolly.