Shriya Saran - RRR MovieShriya Saran, the ethnic beauty of Indian Film Industry who always looks like good old wine as she seems to be improving her looks with age. She is presently in Barcelona with her hubby waiting for her films get going.

When she flew to Hyderabad recently for a cousin’s wedding, she had a look test for a small role in Rajamouli’s RRR. Immediately, the shot was also ready for the actress. So, we’ll get to see her in RRR.

This is the second collaboration of Shriya with Rajamouli after ‘Chatrapathi’ with Prabhas though this one is a small role. She saw Rajamouli’s passion for cinema back then and today, we know the heights he had scaled.

Actors do think it a privilege to be part of Rajamouli‘s films even if given a small role as in the case of Kicha Sudeep who got a very small and unimportant role in ‘Baahubali’ but was happy doing for the director’s sake.