Long Wait For Fans To See Prabhas As RebelSandeep Reddy Vanga may be the only director who may have delivered two revolutionary hits with the same story in two different languages. With Arjun Reddy in Telugu and Kabir Singh in Hindi, he is a hot cake director across the country. His next will be Animal with Ranbir Kapoor and Spirit with Prabhas.

Spirit official announcement has happened recently and it will be #Prabhas25. Prabhas fans who are eagerly waiting to see Prabhas in Vanga’s kind of rebel attitude were in for a shock. Vanga’s next, Animal is announced for 11th August 2023. That means Spirit may release in 2024 or 2025.

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That is a very long wait and is completely unexpected for the fans. They are disappointed at the long delay in the film. Prabhas’s next, Radhe Shyam will be releasing for Sankranthi. He already completed the shooting of his Adipurush. He will now have to finish off his Salaar and Project K. #Prabhas24 is yet to be announced.

Probably, Prabhas will also be occupied until then. So, the delay becomes inevitable.

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