London trip cancelled for Katrina!

It turns out popular actress Katrina Kaif, who is famous for her foreign looks and acting, will have to miss the Christmas celebrations with her family due to work. We hear that the actress has never missed a single one of those celebrations in her entire career in the film industry. The actress usually manages to cancel all her work at that time of the year and it was reported that she turned down some very profitable offers for that time of the year.

But as it is well known that her upcoming movie ‘Dhoom 3’, starring superstar Aamir Khan, will hit the theatres on the Christmas Eve the actress won’t be able to go to London to visit her family.Apparently the actress is required for promotional events for the movie and as Aamir has already laid out his dates for the promotions, Kaif has to be available for it. to just spend some quality time with her family.