After reading the title, one might be left worried thinking what happens to poor Siddharth who never tires of singing praises of Samanta at every available oppurtunity. Whether the duo accept it or not, cine circles and cine media have branded them as lovers and they too never miss a chance to confirm it implicitly. Considering the career of Samanta and the impact it would have on her offers, the duo intelligently are maintaining decent silence.

Of late, rumours are spreading like wild fire that Samanta is secretly seeing a businessman and hence maintaining distance with Siddhu. These gossip mongers even quote Samanta’s ways of getting away unnoticed after the shooting and her haste to complete the shooting soon. No one knows what is the basis of this rumour and who that mysterious businessman is.

Very recently Samanta was spotted during the audio launch event of Siddharth’s upcoming Tamil movie ‘Enakkul Oruvan’ In a dazzling and glamorous red outfit attracting everybody’s attention with her stunning looks. She actually isn’t a part of the movie. And one can easily guess why sammy is present at the audio launch event. Do we need to still believe that Sammy is seeing a businessman secretly?