RGV - Ram Gopal Varma DanceRGV has been making the best use of the media to promote his films creating controversies. The once great creative director has started to show his cunning sideline by one and if you think you have seen it all, RGV will shock you with his dance moves with the hot heroine on floor.

This wonder occurred at the pre-release event of RGV backed the release, Beautiful. The director having been challenged by the heroine Naina Ganguly gave the best hilarious delight to the audience as he supposedly “danced” with the heroine who was actually good. Now look at the video and you decide if to call it a dance or whatever.

Some think it looked like a baboon jumping with joy looking at it’s yummy food. Well, we think he mixed the romance with martial arts and produced the amalgam which looked like so. Hm! Now we’ve seen everything. The videos of him “dancing” are going viral anyway which would be the motto of the controversy fed director.