Nara Lokesh was doing some thing or the other for Telugu Desam Party since 2009. He actively participated for his father’s campaign in Kuppam then and also is said to be the brain child of the Cash Transfer Scheme which is currently used by the UPA government. He is a regular face in TDP from 2013 but he did not get the acceptance from the party’s rank and file. Adding to that the media speculations of rift between him and Junior NTR only further damaged his image.

Lokesh, a Stanford MBA holder struggled even with his speeches initially but as they say you got to learn in the game rather than on a practice pitch. He went in to the people and is campaigning vigorously across the state just before the elections. It was the recent attack on him by TRS activists with beer bottles unified the Telugu Desam cadre. He rightly used the incident and made a mark for himself in his people and the commoners.

However Chandra Babu is clear about his future, “Lokesh will not be contesting any elections in the near future. He will learning by being in the people and campaign for the party candidates”.