Nara Chandra Babu Naidu has become busy in the administration of Andhra Pradesh. Expectations were too high for the five years term he is offered and Naidu is working day in day out to satisfy them. On the other side, Nara Lokesh, Chandra Babu’s son will handle the party affairs from now. Lokesh was appointed as co-ordinator of the TDP workers’ welfare fund activities. This is the first time Lokesh was given a direct and active role in party affairs.

During Mahanadu in May, Telugu Desam Party had announced a fund with a corpus of Rs 20 crore to take care of the welfare of needy party workers. The idea was the brain child of Lokesh and it was greeted to superb response then. Lokesh along with senior leaders of the party will work out modalities and operational guidelines for the fund. Based on this, an action plan will be drawn to utilize the fund.

It is also said that Lokesh is planning an yellow army of nearly 7 Lakh volunteers by the next one year. They will all be given employment opportunities and the party will partly finance their individual establishments. The party will even insure their lives. These soldiers will be the eyes and ears of the party at the grass-root levels. Government will use them to take constant feedback from the grass root level and mould itself according to people’s aspirations.