lockdown-review-chris-hemsworths-extractionNetflix Original, Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth is out there on the streaming app. The movie is making enough noise since it is a film in the Indian Backdrop with a Hollywood Actor. The story is set in Dhaka and is all about the protagonist trying to extract the kidnapped son of a Drug Lord.

There is a lot of hype about the action sequences in the film but they are at best alright. They are old-fashioned without any thriller or wow factor. They do not reach the expectations of a Hollywood film. It has got a wafter thin story but is mounted on a lavish scale.

Lack of proper emotions and jaw-dropping action, makes it at best a below average fare. Chris Hemsworth is, however, worth the hype. Several roles do not have the backing of good characterizations. The movie runs close to two hours and gives you a lengthy feeling.

Watch the film if you are too tempted by the hype but do not say we did not warn you.