Lockdown-Effect,-Allu-Arjun-Spotted-at-Super-MarketBefore the lockdown timings in India, people are allowed to purchase their basic necessities like food and medicines. Allu Arjun was out this morning and was spotted at a supermarket for obvious reasons.

He was there at Ratnadeep Super Market in Jubilee Hills and was clicked wearing a causal yellow T-shirt teamed with black boxers with a pair of yellow shoes. Of course, he has covered his nose and mouth with a mask.

The mask would have made it hard to recognise the stylish star at the supermarket if not for his hairstyle and his eyes. It’s a rare thing that a celebrity is found carrying out chores without the fear of being mobbed.

Due to the lockdown, every person including the celebrities has become like a common man. They need to take care of themselves and their needs like a commoner, no assistants or no personal staff with them to carry along.