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– Movie turns bit emotional as Neelaveni wants to get divorced.
– Still not sure about the title connection with the film. Same routine comedy (?) going on.
– Song in pub. Looks like directors heavily banked on Sumanth to bring laughs with routine format.
– Thagubothu Ramesh entry, movie is going on in US on the same plain comedy note.
– Bullebai 10th fail finally landed in New York after getting married to Neelaveni.
– Interval- Nothing exciting so far.
– Grrr–Sumanth’s new slang!!
– And there is a quick kissing scene too. Neelaveni says yes to marry Bullebbai all of a sudden with out any convincing reason..looks like she fell for his lady get up!!
– Here we go!! Sumanth in lady get up dancing for a melodious tune. How is he in lady get up? We will let you decide that.
– Some routine comedy going on, Sumanth 10th fail is after comedian Kanchi requesting him to take him to US.
– First song ‘Oh Neelaveni’ over. So far movie is just Ok.Looks like director heavily banking on Sumanth and Kanchi’s comedy..Umm!!
– Heroine Neelaveni (Pinky-Thai actress) entry at airport. Will this Thai heroine work for Telugu? Let’s watch more before we form any opinion.
– Kanchi (Amrutham serial fame) trying to bring some laughs.
– Titles started. Opening shot on Bullbebbai (Sumanth). Sumanth tries a new slang.

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