Kodi Dharma Yogi Kaashmora Piracy Facebook Online StreamingLast Friday, two moderate budget Tamil films ‘Kashmora’ and ‘Kodi’ were released and running in theatres with above-average talk. But, the makers of these movies are extremely concerned now that both these movies are hit by worst kind of piracy, i.e., live streaming of the movies on Facebook.

It’s needless to say that once these movies started live streaming, there were a lot of shares and many started watching them online, free of cost. Obviously, they were live streamed from the theaters in which ‘Kashmora’ and ‘Kodi’ were being screened. Who is at fault now, the theater owners or the audiences who are using even mobiles to pirate the newly released movies?

The filmmakers and producers are concerned because there are no strict laws to punish the miscreants even if they were caught. So, it is up to the government to make stringent laws and develop a mechanism to enforce those laws strictly. Hundreds of people, who are involved in making a film are getting affected by this piracy menace, ‘live streaming’ being one of the worst kinds.