lingaa-rajinikanthThese days the inevitable question superstar Rajnikanth is facing in every platform is on his political entry. While some see the present scenario in Tamil Nadu as the right time for the stalwart to make his grand entry into politics, others have many apprehensions on his political entry as there is a lot of pressure on him from different political parties.

Parties like BJP are ready to give the superstar a red carpet welcome while Rajnikanth himself raised curtain to ambiguity by him warm gesture towards AIADMK chief Jayalalitha on her return from prison. Added to this, the promotional events of his upcoming movie ‘Lingaa’ are becoming more a political platform than a cine event. One such event is the audio launch.

The title of the film ‘Lingaa’ suggests its closeness to BJP and there is every possibility that BJP might expect ‘Lingaa’ would work magic for the party and influence Rajni’s opinion in the party’s favour. Like the film ‘Naa Desham’ worked for senior NTR before he launched Telugu Desham Party, can one expect that ‘Lingaa’ would be Rajni’s last movie before his political sojourn?

Since there is a clear political vaccum in Tamil Nadu after Jayalalitha’s conviction, Rajni is the only seeming option for the people of TN. The state has long history of CM’s hailing from cine industry exclusively except for a few, Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi always exchanged their roles in politics. Now the baton is in the hands of Rajni and it’s high time that he sends a correct message in the form of clear announcement on his political entry. Do you think Rajni is making preparations for political entry and ‘Lingaa’ will be his perfect platform for doing so? Share us your thoughts.