Lingaa-controversyBefore release, Rajnikanth starrer ‘Lingaa’ was surrounded with a couple controversies alleging the writer and film maker for plagiarism. Court cases were filed against the makers. But ‘Lingaa’ steered clear from the controversies and opened to mixed reviews. Even the controversies worked in the favour of ‘Lingaa’ for getting free publicity say the critics.

Now latest, Rajnikanth movie is in controversy regarding the caste angle. One particular caste by name ‘Batraja’ allege that there are certain dialogues in the film that hurt the sentiments of their caste. Hence ‘Batraja Caste Association’ filed a police case on the film in Kukatpally Housing Board Police Station.

Further details on this police case aren’t out yet. Since the run time of the film is lengthy and tiresome, there is an opinion that to remove such controversial dialogues or scenes wouldn’t do any harm to the film’s run. The reaction of the makers to the above said allegations are awaited.