Lingaa-final-collectionsSuperstar Rajinikanth’s new film Lingaa is going to end up as disaster in Telugu as the film failed to show any drastic improvement over the course of second weekend. The film continued to get the low numbers in select main theaters of A centers.

Lingaa released with considerably less hype compared to last few films of Rajinikanth. Add to that the film didn’t have good talk on its opening day and its been an uphill task at the ticket counter since then. In the few years the film has been sold to distributors it is going to be a disaster, according to the trade. Fortunately in many other territories the local distributors didn’t came forward to buy the film and makers had to release the film on own.

Lingaa, despite the presence of Superstar, continued the trend of disappointing big films like the rest of the year. It is a year of colossal disappointments from biggies and one that the stars would like to erase from their minds.