Linga-censorLingaa and I can be seen as the final two biggies of the year coming out of the South film industries. All eyes are on these two films and their releases as these films have a Superstar actor and director respectively behind them.

There was a race of sorts happening between the two films over censor and it is now confirmed that Lingaa is winning the race. The unit of Lingaa has announced that it will go to censors on November 28 which means it will ready to hit worldwide on December 12 as planned without any delay. I team is still working on its post production but it is now clear that it will take some more time.

In the past there has been some delay after the announcement of censor date, let’s hope such things don’t happen as that will cause panic in the trade. Right now the way things are going one say confidently that there would be no last minute hiccups and everything would happen as planned for a grand release worldwide on Superstar’s birthday.