Like Pawan, Hritish does the same with ex-wife kidsBitterness in relationships might sometimes lead to permanent breakups and divorces, but coming to the kids in a relationship after divorce, cine-fathers are altogether creating a new trend taking care of their children. Recently we’ve heard about powerstar Pawan Kalyan celebrating the 5th birthday of his daughter Aadhya in Pune alongwith ex-wife Renu Desai.

Renu even posted father-daughter moments together in the form of a pic with subtle expression. Bollywood GreekGod Hrithik Roshan also did the same to celebrate the 9th birthday of his son Hrehaan. As we know, he recently got divorced from his wife Suzanne Khan and the kids are staying with mother.

However Hrithik still maintains a friendly relationship with the ex-in-laws family and for his son’s birthday he took out both his sons Hrehaan and Hridaan to an adventure resort in Lonawala alongwith his ex-brother-in-law’s kids. Hrithik had a great time enjoying with his kids day long. Doting fathers indeed!