Let’s Practice Kissing Scene, Director Proposed Heroine

Let's Practice Kissing Scene, Director Proposed Zareen KhanZareen Khan isn’t a known name in the South, but when she made her Bollywood debut alongside the macho Salman Khan in ‘Veer’, people were interested in her as she had many similarities with Aishwarya Rai who had been Salman’s ex-girlfriend.

In a recent interaction, the actress revealed that during the initial days of her career in Bollywood, once a director asked her to rehearse a kissing scene with her to let go off her inhibitions as she was new. However, she didn’t agree for any rehearsal.

There was one more such incident when another person in the industry asked her if she would be interested in being more than friends. People think that girls in the glamour industry are easily available. How sad!

One way or the other, either implicitly or explicitly, some people working in the glamour industry try to get sexual favors from actresses in return for the offers. Here, Zareen Khan’s story is the latest one that makes us wonder how this casting couch has turned a necessary evil.

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