Young Rebel Star Prabhas’ Rebel is all set to see the light in a day. The movie is carrying high expectations from all sections of audience like never before for a Prabhas movie. The movie budget has gone beyond 35 Crores due to several under production issues like Anushka and Thaman walking out and the movie taking more than 18 months for completion. But the movie has done very good business in all the areas which is the career best for Prabhas in all the regions.

The movie was censored few days ago and it was reported that the movie is as long as 2 hour 56 minutes. This is the biggest movie in terms of length in this year. Off late, Telugu audience have been rejecting movies of big length. Also the makers are not preferring movies with big length as it is difficult to entertain through out. Lets see how Lawerence fared for the 2 Hours 56 minutes.