Director_K_Viswhwanath_Wife_Jayalakshmi_No_MoreJust a few days ago, on February 2nd, legendary director, Kalathapaswi K. Viswanath, passed away due to health-related ailments. Now the latest reports confirm that his wife Kasinathuni Jayalakshmi passed away due to illness.

She suffered a heart attack on Sunday and was rushed to the hospital by her family members. But the doctors said that Jayalakshmi had already died. She was 88.

Jayalakshmi hailed from the Kurnool district and her father was a station master. She is survived by 3 children, Ravindranath Viswanath, Nagendranath Viswanath, and a daughter Padmavathi Viswanath and 6 grandchildren.

Her late husband K. Viswanath has received several accolades for his direction in films including Dada Saheb Phalke Award in 2017, Padmashri in 1992, and several National and Filmfare Awards for his movies.