Renowned actor Balakrishna will soon be starring in a film titled ‘Legend’ and we hear that the film has set new records for tickets’ sale in the Telugu film industry. The actor has many fans but one particular fan of Balakrishna who resides in US, bought tickets for $1116 (US Dollar) to watch the special fan premier show of the movie which will be happening in Dallas.

What is really shocking about this is that even a digital print of the film will cost only Rs 30,000 so to spend almost 70,000 for a ticket is outrageous. This is a whole new record for price of tickets in the Telugu cinema. The release date of ‘Legend’ is on the 28th of April this year and the film will feature Sonal Chauhan and Radhika Apte along with Balakrishna.

Legend is yet to receive clearance from censor board. The film was submitted for censor screening yesterday and officials reportedly suggested some cuts. Final decision on censor certificate is expected today.