‘Legend’ bike to be auctioned?

If rumours are true then the Harvey Davidson bike used by Balayya in Legend will be auctioned for a noble cause. According to sources from the film’s unit, since the film’s hooting is completed they are now planning to sell the bike and hand over the proceeds to a Cancer hospital. While no official confirmation has come from film’s team but the buzz in the industry is strong.

Apparently, close to a crore was spent on the customized bike for the film. Since daily rent for using the bike is highly expensive, the makers bought the bike for the film’s shooting. Balayya has a few scenes in the film with the bike and it doesn’t merely feature in songs.

Since it’s a Harvey Davidson bike tailor-made for the film with the title on it, there is going to high bid for it. We can expect the bid to run into lakhs as it’s a designer bike and the fact that it was used in the film will certainly push the stakes high. Legend, which is directed by Boyapati Srinu, releases Friday in cinema. We can expect another Simha from Srinu-Balayya combo which struck gold at the box-office last time.