Legal-notice-for-BahubaliRemember all the talk about the story of the film Baahubali when Rajamouli announced the project? It revolved around a well-recognized popular story in Karnataka. Turns out he is one of the most revered figures among the Jain religion followers and now a Jain mutt is upset over the usage of the title for a film which would contain extreme violence. They have therefore filed a petition over the usage of title for the film and want it to be changed.

Baahubali team meanwhile as we know is filming a war sequence now. It is news of this war sequence along with the teaser promos and pictures from sets that has prompted the mutt to take legal action. Wonder what the reaction would be from the Baahubali camp. Will the camp reveal the story of the film and steer clear of this controversy. From our sources it’s clear that the actual film has nothing to do with this Jain tradition, it is the title which is creating that confusion may be small revelation about the story would settle all their doubts. What do you think?